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By Stella Sata

Divorce: The gist, the side note, the plug and the P.S note.

The gist: This year I tore the original script and started a new one with worn out tools.

(The original script was being Mrs. R, working on having maybe 2 to 4 babies and living happily ever after in Lusaka).

The new script, divorced, moved to a new town, with a couple of suitcases and a son, got blessed with a new job, new business location, new friends and a new realization that all things are figure-out-able and I’ve started turning my messes into successes daily.

There’s life even after forever doesn’t work out. And God sure has a way of making all things NEW.

The side note: Men are not always the (only) wrong party in a divorce. I can not play victim after my divorce or downplay the role I had to play. It took two to break our marriage.

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A P.S note: I know I’ll have family and friends who would rather I don’t post this, but I’d like to just say that what got me through the last year and a half was knowing people who went through divorce and got through and talking to them, being able to speak through my anxieties, and watching them flourish (alone or even in second marriages) and I thank God that I stumbled on a post on their divorce and so I was able to reach out. I hope that anyone who is going through a divorce right now and is confused can find a glimpse of hope, that things work out in the end. The script changes, but the show must go on.


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