Bravo to the zambian police

Written by on July 29, 2020

The Police in Zambia sometimes fall short of public expectations in their conduct in public service and personal life, and unfortunately when they do well, their work is rarely celebrated.

When they perform well, people would often ignore their milestones and move on with their lives, arguing that “it’s their job anyway”.

But we would like to commend the police in Lusaka, for job well done for having arrested five thugs in connection with various crimes committed in Lusaka’s Kabangwe, SOS, Ngwerere and Kabanana ranging from murder, aggravated robbery, rape and unlawful wounding.

The police have also recovered several stolen items from these five suspects which include; mobile phones, clothes, hand bags, traveling bags and instruments used to hack victims.

Police public relations officer Esther Katongo who confirmed the arrest and detention of the five thugs yesterday called on members of the public who could have been victims of attacks that were experienced in the recent past in Lusaka to go to Emmasdale Police Station to help identify the recovered items and suspects.

Ms Katongo said the victims involved were mostly women travelling from Lusaka to unknown destinations hiking motor vehicles from the SOS area and later ended up being attacked.

She said others were being trailed after disembarking from public transport motor vehicles and were later trailed and hacked.

We hail the police for working so hard in accounting for this extremely dangerous gang, thus putting an end to their time of crime.

Every law abiding citizen will be pleased to know that people in Kabangwe and surrounding areas would now have a peaceful night knowing that justice has taken its course.

These thugs are savages who must be locked away so that life goes on peacefully for everyone out here.

The culprits are a serious danger to society and had to be sent to prison for a long time to send a clear message to would-be criminals that crime does not pay, and above all, that we have competent police and courts to deal effectively with such people.

Their victims will be haunted for the rest of their lives given the experiences they had at the hands of the gang.  It is worse for the relatives of a woman they gang-raped and killed.

Rape is bad enough, but when it is gang-rape, the emotional and physical pain that a woman suffers cannot be captured in words.

We wait for the courts to hand out a punishment that he deserves. The court should also ensure it met deserved punishments for the five felons for the four charges they were facing to send a strong message out there to would-be criminals.

We also want to urge the police and courts to continue collaborating in dealing with the five-man gang, not the discord where the courts sometimes release on bail hard-core criminals who revert to crime as soon as they are bailed.

We know that there are still many people out there who are into crime, and the job of the police and court officials never ends, but they truly deserve praise and thanks for carrying out their work with distinction in arresting and getting these criminals, who were such a dangerous gang to society, behind bars.

We would also like to urge members of the public to, at all costs, avoid using pirate taxis and unregistered motor vehicles for their own safety.

There is an increased use of pirate taxis and unregistered motor vehicles for criminal activities that have left some victims dead and injured in some parts of the country, so there is a need for members of the public to avoid using unlicensed vehicles to avoid being victims of attack.

Anyone boarding a bus should ensure that they take note of the registration mark of the motor vehicle that they are on and inform the next of kin whenever they are using public transport.

We have noted that criminals had taken advantage of private vehicles which they are using to attack and kill people in unclear circumstances.

We also encourage the public to use registered modes of road transport such as buses and registered taxes.

When everything has been said and done, we have to give Zambia police on the back for a job well done.

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