Man jailed 18 months for daylight house robbery

Written by on July 27, 2020


A LUSAKA man will spend 18 months in jail for breaking into a house and stealing items worth K3,950.

Appearing at the Lusaka Magistrates court before magistrate Martha Miti was Timothy Mululi, 24, of misisi accused of breaking into the house of Godwin Daka on July 3.

Facts where that Mr.Daka was at home with his family when he heard noise in one of the rooms.

He went to see what was happening and found Mululi had broken the wall.

Mululi had in his hands pairs of shoes and a jacket.

Mr. Daka called for help from his neighbours because Mululi wanted to run away.

Magistrate: Did you take the items?

Mululi: Yes, but I was caught.

Magistrate: What time was it?

Mululi: It was in the afternoon.

Magistrate: How did you enter?

Mululi: I used a block to break the wall.

Magistrate: What did you want to do with the items?

Mululi: I wanted to keep them as my own because I didn’t have such type of clothes.

Mululi pleaded for mercy from the court saying he is first offender and will never commit a similar offence again.

Magistrate Miti said Mululi caused damage to property of the complainant because of his selfishness.

She said Mululi deserved to be punished because he wanted to deprive the owner of the items.

The court sentenced Mululi to 18 months imprisonment.

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