Mwakalombe vows to fight Chongwe land illegalities

Written by on July 24, 2020


CHONGWE Member of Parliament, JaphenMwakalombe has vowed to fight land illegalities for the people of Kampasa area in Chinkuli ward in Chongwe.

Mr. Mwakalombe made the promise when he addressed jubilant residents during a community meeting in the area. This was after members of the community presented letters of petition over land illegalities to him.

He observed that some high ranking individuals had erroneously acquired land in the area at the expense of the sitting tenants. He said that he would ensure that the vice was curbed. He therefore said that those who had acquired land through dubious means stood to be defeated.

He disclosed that he was consulting legal minds in order to consider taking legal recourse. He also revealed that he would engage the minister of land and natural resources on the matter. He vowed to fight the battle to the end because the local people were not just supposed to be caretakers for illegally acquired land. He said that he was ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of the community.

According to him most of the land owners in the area were from Lusaka and other affluent communities. He said that this must not be tolerated because the occupants equally had the right to own land.

He further observed that some leaders in the district were involved in illegal land deals which was unfortunate. He hinted that some known officials were disadvantaging the local people through the illegal acts. He said that those selling the land were traitors who must be clashed.

He disclosed that he initiated the process of the land occupancy certificates and titles when he was still District Commissioner for Chongwe from 2008 to 2011. He revealed that this had started yielding fruit and people of other areas such as Madido ward now had legal title to land.

Mr. Mwakalombe, who is also Copperbelt minister, said that the issuance of land titles to occupants was a right of every citizen regardless of their status. He stressed that the PF government would continue to implement its developmental agenda in all parts of the country. He said that this would be done regardless of political affiliation.

He further urged the residents to be united and not entertain illegal land dealers. He also observed that legal land ownership would attract many developments such as tarred roads.

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