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IT is disappointing that despite much sensitization, the level of compliance is very low and people to Covid-19 preventive measures is still very low, Nakonde Council Chairperson, Patrick Singoyi has complained.

Mr Singoyi said laxity in adhering to preventive guidelines against the COVID-19 pandemic among the residents of Nakonde was attributed to a myth that the virus was a hoax.

He said the council and the Ministry of Health in Nakondehad gone flat out to sensitize members of the public but the response they were getting from them was worrying.

In an interview, Mr Singoyi said the challenged was that the majority of the residents believed that there was no COVID-19.

He said being neighbors with Tanzania were Covid-19 was said to be a hoax had proved to be a challenge for people to follow the health guidelines in Zambia.

“The challenge that we are facing here in Nakonde it being a border town is when you go across (Tanzania) no one puts on masks, now trying to sensitize them, they say there is no Covid-19.

“People are not complying and when they are talked to they start saying ‘so you are telling us that Covid19 is only here in Zambia while our friends in Tanzania there is no Covid were we have not heard of any death or admission, so what are you telling us?’’ he said.

The council chairperson expressed worry at the non-compliance to health guidelines in the border town which was once the epicenter saying the situation is a time bomb waiting to explode.

And a check in the Central Business of Nakonde District revealed that it was business as usual with the majority not wearing masks or practicing social distance.

Most of the traders talked to expressed ignorance on the dangers of Covid-19 and insisted that the virus does not exist in Zambia even after the many deaths that the Country has recorded.

One of the traders who sought to remain anonymous said the virus is only in China and Western Countries not in Zambia.

“They should stop cheating us that there is Corona in Zambia, Corona is only in China and other Countries were they’re are Caucasians” she said.

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