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A NEIGHBOURHOOD member has told the Kafue local court that his team checked the private parts of a suspected defiler and found sperms and detained him while waiting for police.

Offen Mweemba,  a neighborhood watch member said on May, 22, around 09:00 to 10:00 hours he was coming from town and met the grandmother of the child was defiled  on the road running, he then asked her where she was going and she said she was running after a certain man who had defiled her grand daughter.

“I then called my fellow neighborhood watch to come so we could render help to our sister. We then asked for bicycles and followed the suspect, and immediately he saw us,  he started running, we chased him until we caught him,” he said.

He said they immediately checked his manhood and they found some sperms that’s how they took him home and contacted the police officers who picked him.

This is in a matter where a 29 year old man of Kafue has been dragged to court for allegedly  defiling a three year old niece against the order of nature.

Appearing at Kafue magistrate court before magistrate Moffat Phiri was Angel Hamaiza of Kafue road bridge compound accused of having carnal knowledge of a minor against the order of nature.

Particulars of the offence is that on May 22, 2020. Hamaiza had carnal knowledge of a three year old baby.

A witness said it was on Tuesday May 22, around 08:00hours when Angel Hamaiza her brother in-law went to her place and left his phone with her daughter saying she should play with it.

She said after a few minutes he sent her  young brother   to call  the minor to  take his phone back. Later George came alone. The mother then asked her young brother where he had left her daughter and he said Hamaiza had told him to leave her behind because he wanted to buy her some snacks ( Giggles).

After a few minutes, the m saw her daughter coming back home crying and she asked why she was crying and she said “Ba uncle banimenya mumala” (Uncle has beaten me in the stomach).

“I became concerned and checked her in her pants and I found some feaces, and upon bathing her blood was coming out from her anus. It was then that I called my Mother who also checked her.

After doing so, I then went at his house to check if he was there only to find he wasn’t there,” she said.

She said she went back home and decided to take her daughter to the clinic where she was then referred to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that a strange object moved in and out of her private parts.

The grandmother  also  told the court that it was Hamaiza who defiled her grand child because she also took part in bathing her.

Matter to come up on July 16 for defence.

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