Revive the Nsolo game, fans appear to Govt (Pictures)

Written by on August 25, 2019



A resident of Kuku Township, in Lusaka, has called on the Ministry of Sports and its stakeholders to come on board and sponsor the traditional sport called Nsolo.

John Ngulube, a Nsolo player, said there was a need to prop up the traditional sport by Government as it had for a long time been neglected.

He lamented that July 2019 tournament for Lusaka District could not take place due to lack of sponsorship.

Ngulube said though the Young Women Association of Zambia (YWAZ) funded the construction of the concrete slab at Kuku Township for playing the games, no tournament had taken place yet due to lack of sponsors.

He said the club members only played the game for pleasure and killing time due to lack of sponsors.

Ngulube observed that the traditional sport, which has been in existence for a long time, was slowly dying out due to lack of support.

He said there was a need to maintain and prop up the few existing facilities for playing Nsolo because the country lacked recreation facilities.

Ngulube appealed to the Ministry of Sports to revive the Nsolo and to build more facilities for playing the game in order to keep the citizens busy.

Nsolo is a traditional African game, played by two people using stones or marbles on a set of holes in the ground or on concrete.

The two players are required to rearrange the stones in the different holes and the person who finishes rearranging the stones first, is declared the winner.

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