TEACHER WITH A LOOSE TONGUE FINED K300…she called her friend a witch, thief and a broke prostitute

Written by on August 24, 2019



A 26YEAR OLD teacher of Meanwood area has been ordered by the Chelstone Local Court to compensate another woman with K300 whom she called witch, thief and a broke prostitute.

This is a case in which Margaret Mumba was appearing before Presiding magistrate Kennedy Mwansa Mutale in a matter in which she was sued by Nalwendo Mwangala,30, of the same area for insulting her.

Mwangala said she used to work for Mumba, and whenever she called her to do some chores she gladly did so.

“I was shocked when she called my friend we stay with to tell her that she should be careful with me because I am a witch, thief and prostitute,” she said.

She said Mumba insulted and told her that she was a broke prostitute who could not even buy soap or tissue to clean her body and instead used papers after using the toilet.

“She called me last Month on the 24th that I should help her wash the sofas but then she started shouting and insulting me. She also called my family dogs, thieves and witches and told me that I don’t wash my pants and they smell,.

“So I want her to tell me why she called me witch, prostitute and thief,” Mwangala she said

And key witness Cleopatra Phiri, 19, of the same area confirmed that after Mumba called her, she told her to be careful with Mwangala because she was a prostitute and a thief who might snatch the husband away from her.

“She said I should be careful and be locking the door because Mwangala might steal things from the bedroom,” she said.

In defence Mumba denied insulting or calling Mwangala a prostitute or thief.

But court found out that indeed Mumba insulted Mwangala. It ordered Mumba to compensate Mwangala with K300 as she was a first offender.

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