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THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered a woman to compensate her former tenant with K600 and to give him back his TV set and decoder.

This was a case in which Joseph Mumba sued Thandiwe Banda for illegally holding onto his property after she chased him from her house.

Mumba told senior local court magistrate Mpundu Fwambo that Banda asked him to move out of her house after giving him only two days to do so.

He said Banda claimed that he was giving her problems in paying rentals.

“I told her I didn’t have anywhere to take my things but she told me she already found someone to move in,” Mumba said.

Mumba  said after two days, Banda messaged and to0ld him ‘that’s not your house you’ll find your things in the backyard’.

When he reported her to Landlords and Tenants Association, she shouted at him and insulted him.

“I moved out and went back for my things. I found them outside and uncared for, with dust. Her family ate my food and drank my drinks from the fridge. She kept demanding for money from me which I didn’t even owe her because I gave her more than enough money for other bills,

“She chased me like a dog so I can’t pay for July rentals which she wants because I moved out on 13th July. I want her to give me my TV and replace my big dry fish, bottles of Mosi, peanut butter and other things, he said.

In defence Banda said Mumba often defaulted on rentals so she asked him to move out.

“It was always excuses so I told him to shift but he refused. I even told him my kids would help him look for somewhere else, but still he refused. The new tenants came to see the place and he chased them,

“Even when he was shifting, he didn’t say but he was very drunk. The children asked him to settle the rental arrears and he agreed to leave the TV and decoder which he would claim after paying,” she said.

Magistrate Fwambo ordered Banda to give Mumba his TV and decoder and to give him K600 for perishable goods that were in his refrigerator.

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