Written by on August 22, 2019

By Oliver Samboko

THE Kariba Magistrate court has sentenced a ‘naughty’ Zimbabwe National Army officer to four and half years imprisonment for assaulting his cheating wife.

Soldier, Antony Hosho, 30, stationed at Bboat Ssquadron at Nyaminyami assaulted his wife last week for allegedly cheating on him.

In passing sentencing, magistrate Toindepi Zhou convicted the soldier on two counts namely, concealing birth of a child and domestic violence upon his wife Margaret Mwalw 21.

Magistrate Zhou slapped the soldier man with four and half years suspended for five years on condition the accused does not commit a similar offence during the same period.

“The way the offence was committed, this court could not be lenient with such offenders. I have never encountered such type of domestic violence in my life, you are lucky I have given you four years, I would have given you more than that,” Magistrate Zhou.

Facts of the offence were that, the offender, brutally and unwarranted beat his wife for suspecting him of  having sex outside marriage with a named Zambezi River Authority worker.

In his mitigation and defense, the alleged adulterous man said he only remembers that the now victim’s boyfriend ordered her to go out side the house, the two went outside the house and found no one.

 The soldier then started assaulting his wife with fists all over the body and went into the house and took a knife and ordered her to follow him and they  proceeded to a nearby bush in Batonga area.

The accused then broke a stick and assaulted the complainant several times.

It was later learnt that upon arrival, the soldier then tied his wife’s hands on her back using an electric cable.

When they reached the bush, the soldier  ordered the complainant to lie on the ground facing down. He then assaulted her again on the buttocks by beating on the back.

The complainant sustained a swollen left eye, wounds, scars all over the body and later on had miscarriage and was unable to walk or stand up on her on.

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