Police launch manhunt for female swindler: for stealing K4, 499 from MTN mobile money agents

Written by on August 18, 2019


POLICE in Isoka have launched a manhunt for a 25 years old woman for allegedly stealing K6,499 from MTN mobile money agents in Isoka, Muchinga Province Commissioner Joel Njase has confirmed.

Mr. Njase said the money was stolen in two separate incidents on Friday between 10:11 hours and 10:38 hours at MTN mobile money booth situated in Isoka town center market.

He said in the first incident Maureen Nakamba, 22 of Nakatendo Village in Chief Kafwimbi’s area, an agent for MTN mobile money, reported that a female person known by the names of Susan Mulenga stole K2,000 from her line.

Ms. Nakamba said she received a text message on her agent mobile money number 0967537213 indicating that she had transferred K2,000 to mobile phone 0760063428 which is registered under the names of  Susan Mulenga, the person she did not see in person,” Mr. Njase said.

Ms. Nakamba made an attempt to call the number so that the transaction could be reversed, but it was switched off.

He said police officers made a follow-up and discovered that indeed Susan Mulenga withdrew the money at a different MTN booth under the agent’s names of Clementina Chibala.

“The officers went to this booth and interviewed an operator Vera Nanyinza aged 26 who disclosed that the money was withdrawn by a female person who introduced herself as Susan Mulenga whom she said appeared to be in a hurry.

Mr. Njase said Nanyinza described the suspects to be brown in complexion, slim and of medium height.

She further explained that the suspect withdrew K 1,970.00 with a K 30.00 being the service charge and but said she could easily identify her if she saw her.

Mr. Njase said the second incident occurred on the same day around 10:35 hours in the same market at another MTN mobile money booth.

Mr. Njase said Ms. Sipola Nakamba reported the theft of K 4,999.00 cashed out by an unknown person using account number 0961453577.

Later it was discovered that the suspect also withdrew K2,500 from Silavwe Osward’s booth on account number 072333610  and K2,400 from Laurence Mwila’s account number  0961114536 all amounting to K4,900.00.

A docket has since been opened and that no arrests have been made.

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