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RESIDENTS of Kabwe’ s Shakubila farm area in Munga ward have appealed to their Member of Parliament (MP) Sydney Mushanga to help them secure the burial land which a local man intends to buy.

They said the land to be sold had been their only place where they had been burying their loved ones for over 40 years.

Speaking when Mr Mushanga held a development meeting in the area on Wednesday, the residents said they have raised a petition to object the land application on farm number 783 where the graveyard was located.

And area councillor, Levy Chikungu explained that the people of Sakubita had for a long time settled on farms number 782, 783, 785, and 786.

Mr Chikungu explained that some of those farms had long been abandoned, adding that even the records at the ministry of lands showed that farms 782 and 785 were not occupied except for 786 which was owned by a Mr Sakala.

The local leader said it was however established that on farm 783 where the graveyard was, the local man of farm 4132 had applied for a certificate of title.

He said a petition on farm 783 had been raised by the community and had started the process of planning and formalization through the ministry of lands for ownership title for the farm lands they occupied.

“Some of these farms have been abandoned and we were instructed to start a planning and formalization through ministry of lands. We listed all the people in the area and applied for planning and formalization,” said Mr Chikungu.

And Mushanga assured that farm 783 would continue to be a graveyard, adding that anyone who intended to buy the land should have respect for the dead.

Mr Mushanga said Shakubila population was growing and needed a graveyard nearby, therefore farm 783 which had been a graveyard for over 40 years would continue to serve that purpose.

“Anyone who wants to get the land should give respect to the dead, As long as we continue to be in government as PF, farm 783 will continue to be a graveyard for the people of Shakubila,” said Mr Mushanga.

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