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THE Ndola High Court yesterday jailed two women accused of inserting a bottle into another woman private parts over suspicion that she was flirting with one of their husbands to 18 years each with simple imprisonment.

The two women wept after receiving their sentence from Ndola High Court Judge Emelia Sunkutu.

This is a case in which Precious Kapambwe and Margaret Mwansa were charged with five others of indecent assault.

But three other suspects were acquitted by the subordinate court as evidence could not be proved against them while Kapambwe and Mwansa were sent to the High Court for sentencing.

Justice Sunkutu she said that it was her view that the trial court was on firm ground by convicting Mwansa and Kapambwe

She described the act of the assault on the woman as wicked, offensive to every woman of the right mind and a repulsive idea as it assaulted the dignity of womanhood.

In mitigation through their lawyer Kenneth Tembo, the two women both aged 26 years old said that given a second chance, they would reform.

Mr Tembo said the two women had left young children who if they were incarcerated would not benefit from motherly care.

He said the women had both mastered the art of reconciliation through dialogue and would never engage in ways to prejudice another person.

However, Justice Sunkutu said that she had taken note of the mitigation but that she could not overlook the seriousness of the offence committed.

She told the two that their lawyer had informed her that they had mastered the art of dialogue to solve conflicts but that it was a little too late for their victim.

“You took the law into your own hands, in the most despicable way. How you came up with the repulsive idea of inserting a bottle into the private parts of your victim is unbelievable,” she wondered.

She said the women did not only assault her, but also assaulted the dignity of every woman with a right mind, especially that they were mothers themselves.

She said apart from physical pain inflicted on their victim, they caused her trauma and might have also jeopardized her chances of getting married.

Justice Sunkutu said metaphorically they chose to stone their suspect forgetting that it took two to tangle.

She said if there was suspicion of adultery or unfaithfulness in marriage, they women could have taken legal redress by taking the matter to court.

“Because of the aggravating circumstance, which was insertion of a bottle in the private parts, I sentence you Precious Kapambwe to 18 years simple imprisonment. Equally, I hand down the 18 year simple imprisonment to you Margaret Mwansa,” she said.

She also said the case made sad reading as the victim failed to show up to testify and it was an error on her part as it was a travesty and perversion of the court for a witness to refuse to show up.

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