Low turnout of show goers affects business

Written by on August 6, 2019


TRADERS at this year’s 93rd Agriculture and Commercial Social have complained of slow business which has immensely affected their profitability because of what they think is low turnout of show goers.   

Some of the traders said the confusion over rumours that the show had been cancelled made many people to stay away from, the event.

They said many people could have stayed away because they were many rumors that the annual event would not take place this year because the venue had moved to Chongwe. 

One of the venders Christopher Malesu who trades in children’s toys complained that he had invested about K2,000 hoping to get profit like last year but he had not sold as expected because the turnout was not as expected.

He said most people thought this year’s show would take place in Chongwe and that there was no much publicity this year because not everyone have television sets to learn that the show was going to take place.

“This year I have really made a loss I spent about K2,000 on my business but because of the low turned of people I have not made a profit,

“Last year I made a lot of money and I was able to bring my family to the show on the last day but this time around things are different,” he said.

And Mercy Mwanza who deals in food business complained that this year business was very slow.

Ms Mwanza said last year they made about K4,000 per day but this year things were different, as the figure had dropped to K2,000 or  even less.

Meanwhile a show goer observed that this year’s show had been shunned not only people but also farmers who were supposed to exhibit at the livestock section.

“One thing I noticed was the limited number of animals in the cages, or pens, and the absence of commercial farmer’s show-casing their normally impressive animals,” he said.

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