Unprotected sex threatens marriage

Written by on August 5, 2019


A BUSINESSWOMAN of Lusaka has sued her husband of 16 years in the Chelstone Local Court on grounds that he forces her to sleep with him without protection.

Susan Mwewa, 45, of Chelstone was appearing before presiding Mary Namangala in a matter in which she sued her husband, Charles Mulenga, 55, of the same area for divorce.

Mwewa said her husband was diagnosed HIV positive and often forced her to sleep with him without protection.

She sued Mulenga on grounds that he forced her to have sex with her without using a condom, which had caused a lot of disputes in the house.

“The time we got married we were living peacefully. Problems started in 2017 when he started becoming sick. We went to the clinic and he was diagnosed [HIV] positive meanwhile I am negative with my children,’’ she said.

“At some point we decide to meet as husband and wife, agreed that we should use protection but he removed it on the way and so I decided to push him away,’’ Mwewa said.

She testified that in 2009 they reconciled and stared living peacefully, but after a while he started his behaviour again.

“The biggest problem came about when I found sex boosters in his pockets. I asked him and he told me he was trying to please me,” she said.

“I am tired of speaking the same things over and over hence my coming to court before I get sick, too,’’ Mwewa said.

Mulenga, however, said he did not want divorce but instead wanted their church to come in and help them.

“She is the one who told me not to use a condom but I am surprised she is complaining now. She has stopped washing for me and I don’t know the reason,” he said.

After hearing from both sides, the court adjourned the matter to a later date for further hearing.

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