Bus conductor with disability inspires fellow youths

Written by on August 2, 2019


LIVING with disability does not mean the only solution in life is to become a beggar because there is a lot that such an individual can do to earn a living.

Crispin Chama a 28-year-old of Lusaka’s Malipole compound has a disability but works as a mini bus conductor for his livelihood. 

In an interview with the Sun, Mr Chama said he was not born with a disability but when he was in grade five he developed swollen legs which collected water but medical personnel failed to treat him.

When he was taken to the hospital and while removing the water with a syringe it broke in the veins leading to one leg stopping to function properly.

Mr Chama however said with the help of his grandfather, he was encouraged not to feel sorry for himself but to work hard and live a normal life.

He said his grandfather taught him how to use clutches while standing and digging with a hoe so that he could not be depending on people.

“My grandfather taught me many things and my friend that I work with helps me realize that being lame was not the end of my life. And that I could do more with my life,

“If I had looked at my situation, I would not be eating anything but struggling and begging all the time which is not right and such a life I can’t manage,” he said.

Mr Chama said a friend helped him become mini bus conductor which was not easy at first but now his body was used to the hard work conductors went through every day to find customers to board a bus. 

He advised those with disabilities not to be lazy and ask for alms every day because there was such they could do to earn a living. 

“Those with disabilities just like free things I have a friend who has no hands but she is able to sew jerseys and doormats using her legs and makes a living out of it,

“Some have hands but they are failing to find a source of livelihood while others have one hand or leg but can still find means of raising money instead of just asking God for wisdom and turning to begging,” he said.

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