Siblings fight over their late father’s house

Written by on August 2, 2019


THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered two siblings to give back title deed to their older sister and instead obtain an injunction to stop her from selling a house left by their dead father.

Rose Luputa sued her sister Lizzy and brother Humphrey to court wanting to get back the title deed.

She told senior local court magistrate Gastone Kalala that when their father died, she was appointed administrator.

“Dad left a will in which he said he wanted me to be the administrator. He left a house in Kamwala and my brother and sister have refused to give me the title deed,

“I want them to release the title deed to me as the administrator. In 2014, we came to court over the same issue but it didn’t work and they are still holding on to the title deed,” she said.

Lizzy told the court that their father was mental patient and had a memory problem.

“I was the one taking care of him before he died. My sister went to the neighbors to tell them that when dad dies, she will sell the house so that we can suffer,

“I saw the Will but what scares me is she might sell the house. I can’t release the title deed to her. I want the title to be changed and put in all our names so no one can sell the house,” Lizzy said.

The court ruled that the house belonged to all three siblings as beneficiaries and Rose could therefore not sell the house on her own.

Magistrate Kalala also ordered that Humphrey and Lizzy give back the title deed to the administrator.

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