Violent hubby divorced, parts with K7, 000

Written by on August 1, 2019



A VIOLENT husband has been divorced in the Boma court and ordered to compensate his former wife with K7,000.

Nema Nampungwe, 41 of Chipata Overspill sued her husband Moses Sinkamba,48, of Kabwe for divorce.

The two got married in 1991 had 10 children but four of them have since died.

“Our problems started in 2012 because every time he went out for business he would come back with a lover. He would bring the woman in our house. He used get our blankets to give her and if I refuse to give him he would beat me,

 “He would  also get our money and take it to women and when he gets sick the women would run away and I would be the one to take care of him,” said Nampungwe

She said when Sinkamba had money, he would leave her for other women. I am tired I suffer a lot as he also beats one time he got K15, 000 and went to Mpulungu with another woman but she ran away from him when he got sick.

“He came back and I was the one looking after him, my landlord even got my TV and radio because I was unable to pay rentals. That’s how I asked my brother for a 2-room house and we started living there,” said Nampungwe

When he got well Sinkamba again left her and went to Kabwe in 2018 where he has been living with the other woman since then.

In defence Sinkamba told the court that problems started in 2012 when he got sick.

“In 2014 I got a K5, 000 loan from AB Bank but I fell sick and my parents suggested that I go to the village but Nampungwe refused to come with me,

“We went to witch doctors and I was treated. I only came back with a K2, 000 and asked her to keep it in case I died. She used to keep me hungry I called my relatives and I was given a K700 and I stayed with them in Monze for four days,” he said

The court ruled that there were problems in the marriage, bordering on unfaithfulness and violence.

There is no interest for this marriage because of the long separation the marriage has been dissolved and Sinkamba should compensate Nampungwe with K7, 000.

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