The 93rd Agriculture and commercial show goes on

Written by on July 31, 2019

DESPITE the crop failure in some provinces, and general poor performance of the agricultural sector, the 93rd Zambia National Agricultural and Commercial Show still opened on a high note today with the usual enthusiasm and excitement among the exhibitors and show goers as always.

Special about this year’s show is that some structures have been modernized or rebranded as if to provide the revelers with that renewed hope that the future of Zambia’s agricultural and commercial sectors is still bright.

So spectacular about this year’s show was the enthusiasm with which the exhibitors worked to prepare their stands despite the misconceptions which circulated on social media earlier that the event would not happen because of crop failure.

According to a letter from the Ministry Agriculture, government has cancelled agriculture and commercial shows in Lusaka, Western and Southern Provinces.

The letter written by the Ministry’s permanent secretary Songowayo Zyambo said that the three regions experienced crop failure.

But Silwamba said exhibitors that had already acquired exhibition spaces should not panic or get worried and she invited other would be exhibitors to get on board.

“As the information indicated from the Ministry, the cancelled shows are only in the three provincial shows in Western, Southern and Lusaka provinces. I would like to emphasized that this year’s event will go as planned and preparations are already advanced.

We wish to assure our esteemed 2019 exhibitors, members of the Show Society and the general public through you the media that the Agricultural and Commercial Show scheduled for 31st July to 5th August, under the theme ‘Embracing Industrial Development’, will go as planned.

“Our exhibitors that have already acquired exhibition spaces should not panic or get worried and we are calling upon other would be exhibitors to come on board. You are welcome to acquire exhibition stands for their products and services. We still have available spaces for all exhibitors, including foreign companies,” Show society president Caroline Silwamba said

 Silwamba further said the Show Society regretted the crop failure in the highlighted provinces but emphasized that farmers from the affected provinces willing to participate in the Lusaka show were welcome.

She further clarified assertions that the Lusaka Show would be moved to another location as quoted in some sections of the media. She said that where the Showgrounds sat was a permanent place and that the new structures and facilities showed that the Society aims at modernizing the premises.

“There will be more opportunities offered during the show such as workshops that will cover important topics in agriculture, commerce, fisheries and livestock. As I conclude, I wish to reiterate that our Show will never move to another location as it was rumoured on social media and traditional media platforms last year,

“This is our permanent place. As you may have seen, we are constructing new facilities aimed at modernizing the Showgrounds. I further call upon our cooperating partners to continue supporting the Society to host a success show. To the showgoers, I encourage you to come in numbers to see what we will put in place for you,” said Silwamba.

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