LCC steps up township cleanliness campaign

Written by on July 31, 2019


THE Lusaka City Council (LCC), through its public health department has embarked on a water waste tariff bundling sensitization programme aimed at encouraging people to pay for waste collection through their water bills.

The programme began in Kanyama Constituency on Monday and those who wished to subscribe for water-waste tariff bundling were required to register with their community based enterprise (CBE) within their areas.

In a statement, LCC public relations officer, Lisa Ng’oma explained that a fee of 10 ngwee was for collection of solid waste and 40 ngwee was for water per 20-liter container bringing the total to 50 ngwee by all clients who had subscribed to water kiosks.

Ms Ng’oma said those with taps would be required to pay K30 monthly fee to water trusts, and that one bag of solid waste would be collected per week.

She said waste generators exceeding one bag of waste per week would be required to pay an extra charge of K10 for each spare sack of waste to be collected.

“Where we have landlords and tenant set-up and a tap is present the landlords will be required to pay a K30 fee, which includes one bag of solid waste and the tenants are supposed to pay K10.00 per sack directly CBE,

“The waste service provider of each area will then collect waste from the subscriber and transport it to the designated site for disposal at least once a week,” she said.

Ms Ng’oma said the sensitization programme would continue in all Lusaka’s seven  townships where water waste tariff bundling existed and these include Ng’ombe, Chipata, Kanyama, Linda, Chaisa, Chazanga, and George.

She said LCC was therefore appealing to all waste generators to maintain cleanliness within in their neighborhoods by storing garbage in closed bins and paying for it through water tariff.

Ms Ng’oma said advised the public feel free to report poor services of solid waste collectors to the nearest water trust, or call the toll free line 4747.

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