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TWNTY-FIVE year old model Luwi Lusa Kawanda is Zambia’s first envoy to the Miss Grand International.

Luwi, who was crowned Miss Grand Zambia at a cocktail event held at Kingsland City in Lusaka’s Ibex area last Saturday is expected to represent Zambia at the 2020 Miss Grand International.

The model who is also 2015 Miss University Africa-Zambia winner is delighted to have this opportunity to bear the title. She says she is prepared for the task and ready to drive the Miss Grand International agenda.

“This is not a journey for me alone; it is a journey for Zambia. I will need all the support and encouragement. I will need a lot of positivity to perform my role,” said Luwi in an exclusive interview.

Luwi, a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in public administration and development studies brands herself as a driver of peace, a voice for the silenced, a teacher for the unaware and a friend for all in need.

2019 Miss Grand ZAmbia Luwi Lusa Kawanda

“Being Miss Grand Zambia means I am giving my passion a purpose. Pageantry has been my passion for the longest time and now I’m combining it with a mission close to my heart, to stop the war and violence,” she says in accepting a role.

“As Miss Grand Zambia my focus is on putting an end to GBV. Commonly a hushed topic especially in rural areas for reasons ranging from fear, shame, infatuation and tradition among others.”.

“I am definitely prepared for the task. I have few programmes I have planned already so that I am able to make a difference. I believe one of the super powers a beauty queen has, is to be able to rally people. We are able to have so many people coming to support us. This is the greatest platform we should use to do something bigger,” said Luwi who will among other things work with schools.

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