Court reconciles two hostile neighbours

Written by on July 27, 2019


The Boma Local Court in Lusaka has reconciled two neighbors after one sued the other for defamation of character.

Ingwe Zwangendaba, 41, a mechanic sued Angela Mvula, 46, for accusing him of spreading rumours that she killed her maid’s child.

Zwangendaba told senior local court magistrate Linda Tembo that Mvula tarnished his name through those rumours.

“This woman is my neighbor. Her maid’s child was bashed one day. I wasn’t even home that day. Unfortunately the child died. I just started hearing from the neighbors that she had been telling them that I accused her of killing the child,

“She started telling me she would buy me summons for accusing her. She is fond of accusing me of other things and she threatens me a lot,” said Zwangendaba

In defence Mvula told the court that after her maid’s child died, there was a certain day Zwangendaba’s maid went to pick up his child from her place.

“She came and picked the child and told me ‘mwalandetelela’. She told me Zwangendaba and his wife say my house has an evil wind that kills people. She told me they said I’m a Satanist because someone once got electrocuted at my house and now my maid’s child got bashed,” Mvula said.

She told the court that Zwangendaba and his wife often accused her that there were ghosts in her house.

“I actually bought him summons for defamation of character but because I didn’t make it to court that day, he took advantage and instead summoned me,” she said.

The court found that both parties were very petty and lives that were lost were what brought confusions between the two.

The court however managed to reconcile them to maintain peace since they were neighbors.

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