‘Monkey’ remark lands Chinese national in trouble

Written by on July 25, 2019


A CHINESE man has been ordered to compensate his former employee with K4, 000 by the Boma Local Court for using vulgar language.

Gerald Zulu, 42, of Lusaka’s Kanyama Township sued Ben Chen, 45, of Olympia area for insulting him.

The two appeared before magistrate Mwape Fwambo, sitting with Magistrate Gason Kalela.

Zulu told the court that Ben insulted him and had him thrown out of the work place without transport at midnight.

“I used to work at a hotel where Ben is an inspector and I reported for work late on July 2 at 21.00 hours.  Around midnight Ben came over and accused me of being late and according to the hotel policy he was going to deduct my transport money. We are entitled to K20 daily and when one is late they deduct a K10,” he said.

 “I asked him why he deducted the entire amount and reminded him why he did not do the same over his fellow Chinese employees when they are late. He then insulted me and said I was a monkey then he walked away. He came back with the director and the director asked me who I was to question why the money was deducted.  I was told that I was fired they even called the door bouncers to throw me out without transport money,” explaed Zulu.

He was forced to walk from Olympia area to Kanyama Township, about four kilometres away.

“I want him to compensate me because I am not a monkey I was made in the image of God just like him,” said Zulu.

Ben told the court that Zulu’s transport money was deducted because he was late for work for 34 minutes.

“I asked him to heat my food but he did not respond, then he started shouting at me and called me an idiot. I told him it was the company policy to have money deducted when one is late,

“I told him not to talk to me like that but he continued that’s how I called the director to come. Zulu continued shouting and we asked the door bouncers to take him outside,” Ben said

A witness Susan Chanda, 26,  who works for the same Chinese national told the court that Zulu was the one who called Ben an idiot.

Chanda denied Ben ever insulting Zulu.

But magistrate Fwambo found Ben guilty for using abusive language.

“We have a culture here and we do not insult when we are working. Treat each other as human beings, you will compensate Zulu with K4,000 effective July month-end, never insult an employee,”

“He has lost his job and your witness that came to testify is still working for you so she cannot testify against you,”said Magistrate Fwambo.

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