Man ordered to pay friend K4, 000

Written by on July 25, 2019


A MAN of Lusaka’s Chipata Township walked away a disappointed person at the Boma Local Court after being ordered to pay his former friend K4, 000.

This was a case in which Morris Chile, 49 sued Jonathan Miyanda, 59, to paid K5, 000 for the he did for the latter.

Chile told senior local court magistrate Silvia Kabunda that Miyanda owed him K5, 000 for works he had done.

“Last year in December, he called me to come from Choma to Lusaka to paint 10 rooms of his house. We agreed that he would pay me K5, 000,” Mr Chile said.

He said they both organized paint and other things needed and he painted the 10 rooms in two days.

“Afterwards, I asked for my dues and he refused to pay me. I took him a call out which he tore and told me he can’t go to the police,

“During those days I stayed at his house, there was a room he gave me to be sleeping in. One night he came wearing a white dress and holding a knife. He wanted to kill me. I had to overpower him. He chased me from his house like a dog and I had to sleep at the neighbor where there was a funeral,” he said.

In defence Miyanda told the court that he and Mr Chile met in prison where they became friends.

He however denied owing Chile any money and said there was no agreement of any money to be paid for painting the house.

“He never had anywhere to stay when he got out of jail so I kept him for about two months. I told him I was expecting some kids for Christmas period so he left my home thinking I chased him,

“While he was at my house I hired some boys from within to paint my house who I was supposed to pay K100 for each room. This man chased those boys and said since I was his friend he would paint my house for free,” Miyanda said.

He said he was not sure how Mr Chile had even reached the calculations that amounted to K5, 000 because the paint used cost K265.

“We actually painted that house together and it can’t even cost K5, 000 to do the painting because there are very small rooms,” he said.

The court found that the two were friends who met in prison and the house in question was actually painted.

But because there were no signed documents, Miyanda was ordered to pay Chile K4, 000.

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