Court revokes admin's appointment

Written by on July 22, 2019


A local court has revoked the appointment a 37-year-old Lusaka woman as administrator after a complaint by one of the beneficiaries that she denied them a share of the rentals from one of the properties.

The Local Court revoked Matilda Ngosa’s role as administrator after a complaint by Musonda Ngosa, 21-year old maid of Mtendere Township, that the aunt (Matilda) denied her and the siblings a share of the money being earned from the house left behind by her deceased father.

“My father died in 2002 when I was seven years old. He left behind a house. There were disputes because some relatives wanted to grab the house but the matter was later resolved at the local court and Matilda, who is my aunt, was appointed administrator,” she told the court.

She complained that though the house was being rented out at K2, 200, it was not maintained and the administrator did not share the rentals with her and her siblings equally.

“She doesn’t share the money equally. I want her appointment to be revoked because I am grown and can be the administrator,” she said.

Matildah, in her defense, said the disputes over the house began after the family discovered that her late brother left behind another child who also wanted to benefit from the estate.

“The problem is that Ngosa only wants to share the rentals with her siblings. She does not want to accept that the father’s other child should also benefit,” Matilda said.

She said she always distributed the rentals among the beneficiaries equally and that she was against Ngosa being appointed administrator because she could not manage.

But the court terminated her appointment as administrator on grounds that she had failed to perform the role satisfactorily.

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