Violent marriage dissolved

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A DRIVER of Lusaka has sued his wife for divorce because she threatens to kill him together with the children and assaulted him with bottles on three different occasions.

Isaac Mwango, 27, of Ng’ombe Township was appearing before Chelstone Local Court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala.

He wanted the court to dissolve his marriage with his wife of eight years, Rebecca Mwango, 27, of the same area.

The two have been married since 2011 and have three children together.

Mwango went through the traditional rites including payment of part of dowry when marrying Namangala,

He told the court that since he married Namangala he had never known peace in the house.

Mwango said his wife was so violent that she had been throwing empty bottles at him after a simple misunderstandings.

“My wife threatens to kill me together with the children saying she would put poison in our food,” he said.

One day they were discussing money and Mwango didn’t know where he had gone wrong.

He was surprised to receive a bottle on his face after which he rushed to the clinic and was given some treatment.

“I forgave her and moved on,” he said. “She also doesn’t give me respect and insults me, too. I am scared for my life because she might kill me one day, hence my coming to court,” Mwango said.

In defence, Namangala said she couldn’t just throw bottles at her husband without any reason like a mad woman.

“My husband sleeps out. He goes for a week without communication and whenever I ask him he beats me. He has the guts of talking to his girlfriend in my presence,” she said.

Whenever Mwango went out he returned home around 01:00 hours or 02:00 hours leading to fights.

“Parents have tried sitting us, but to no avail,” Namangala said.

Upon hearing statements from both sides, the court granted them divorce and ordered Mwango to compensate Namangala with K7,000 starting August 30, 2019 with the first installment of K1,500 and K300 monthly thereafter.

He was ordered to pay K600 every month for the children’s maintenance.

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