Stray dogs irk residents

Written by on July 14, 2019



INCREASED stray dogs in the Sikoongo Ward of Chirundu District, in Lusaka Province, has worried residents.

Jairos Mutinta complained that the stray dogs were now killing and feeding on chickens and goats due to the hunger situation in the area.

Mr Mutinta condemned some residents who were in the habit of keeping dogs when they could not even afford to look after them.

He has appealed to the Chirundu District Livestock and Veterinary Office to immediately crop the number of dogs in the area in order to reduce on the number of stray dogs.

Another resident who did not want named, supported the calls to immediately cull the population of stray dogs in the area.

Another resident, Bob Mwembezi, appealed to Chief Sikoongo to restrict the operations of private maize buyers who have invaded the chiefdom and are exchanging three bags by 50kg maize with a cow.

Mr Mwembezi warned farmers in the area against being desperate about the food situation as it would eventually stabilize.

He said the affected families should be patient and wait on government to render help to them.

Meanwhile, Chief Sikoongo’s spokesperson, Mr. Jethro Mandeva, has admitted that the hunger situation in the area had worsened and that the people were desperate to accept anything from anyone offering them food staffs.

And Chief Chipepo has backed the residents’ calls that the district leadership considers fundraising to stock relief maize in all the ten wards of the district.

The chief promised to call for a meeting of all headmen in the chiefdom to try and find a way to deal with the challenges experienced during last year’s maize marketing season.

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