Sores on the manhood stall reconciliation efforts

Written by on July 12, 2019


A MAN of Chawama who developed sores on his manhood each he had sex with his wife refused to reconcile with her in the Boma Local Court fearing the infections could send him to his early grave.

This is was in a case in which Roselyn Phiri sued Henry Banda for marriage reconciliation after he left home due to bedroom problems.

“We got married in 2012 and every time we have sex, he would develop sores on his manhood,

“He went to the hospital and all STI and HIV tests were negative. He was given some medicines and got well. But when we had sex the sores erupted again and he blamed me. We both went to the hospital and all tests were negative,” Phiri said.

She told the court that after her husband got better he started torturing her by seeing another woman.

“Last year he told me to go to UTH to get tested. Time passed and I had sex with him again and the same problem continued. We went to get tested at a private clinic and all tests were negative,

“We went as far as trying herbs but the same problem continued until we resorted to abstaining from sex. My husband left me and has been in Solwezi since then,” she said.

In defence Banda told the court that he did not want to go back to his wife because he feared for his life.

“Whenever we have sex, the problem would come back. All doctors never found any problem. I would be uncomfortable and always in so much pain when I develop those sores,

“I was scared I would die because we both didn’t know the problem. We even went for prayers. I am tired of going in and out of the hospital. This problem is like a threat to my life,” he said.

Reconciliation failed and either party was advised to sue for divorce.

The court then ordered Chilongo to pay the money in one installment in two weeks’ time.

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