Unpaid dowry knocks out adultery case

Written by on July 8, 2019


THE Chilenje Local Court has dismissed an adultery case between two soldiers because dowry was not paid and the complainant was merely cohabiting with his woman.

Victor Kasote,52, a soldier of Lusaka West was sued by Edwin Malambo,37 of the same area for allegedly committing adultery with his wife.

Malambo said he started living with his wife in 2015 after paying K50 ‘chivula kamwa’.

He said it was in 2016 that he started hearing rumors of Kasote having an affair with his wife.

“I became concerned and confronted Kasote but because he is my senior I dropped the matter,” he said.

He asked his wife who the father of the child was and she said it was Kasote.

“I want Kasote to compensate me for committing adultery with my wife,” he said.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with senior local court Harriet Mbewe.

In defence Kasote said when he met the wife of Malambo she told him that she was not married.

“By then she was staying alone in Kanyama.  I did not find her with a man. We exchanged phone numbers and started a relationship. She was my girlfriend from September 2017,

“In 2018, she informed me that she was pregnant. The child is mine and not Malambo’s. I did not commit adultery because the woman was not married,” he said.

The court dismissed the case because Malambo did not pay dowry and the case of adultery could not stand in court.

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