Run-down Kabanana Bridge raises concerns

Written by on July 7, 2019



THE dilapidated Kabanana Bridge has raised concerns among residents who have called on authorities to work on the infrastructure before the rains come.

Speaking in an interview when Sun made an on-the- spot check at the bridge, one of the concerned residents Francis Maya said for a long time now the bridge had been a death trap especially during the rainy season.

Mr Maya said the bridge had become a big challenge to school going children as the stream got flooded whenever it rained.

He said apart from the area being cut off during rainy reasons, the bridge was also being used as a hide out for criminals who attacked people at night.

“This bridge has been like this for a long time now; I don’t know what our councilor is thinking. When it is rainy season this place becomes impassable making it a challenge for school going children,

On the other hand people are attacked almost every night at this bridge and robbed of their personal effects,” he said.

Mr Maya said that different civic leaders had come and gone without attending to the problem of the bridge.

Meanwhile Mr Maya has also expressed concern over the high crime rate in Kabanana as people were being attacked almost every day.

He appealed to the Zambia Police to deploy more police officers at Chipwalo Police post to enhance security in the area.

Another resident Ms Lillian Chanda said people were living in fear because of the rise in criminal activities.

She said that in some cases people were being attacked with unbelievable impunity by criminals who recently killed a woman whose body was found near the railway line.

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