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Zambia’s population is composed mainly of young people. It is important to ensure that young people complete their schooling and acquire the skills needed for a career. A large number of young people dropped out of school and now living in comfort of their parents’ and or guardians’ homes find that their choice of jobs is limited to unskilled work.

Zambia is a vast country rich in natural resources such as trees, animals, minerals, rivers, lakes and fertile land. There are many opportunities for exiting careers in all sectors of the economy.

There also many opportunities for exciting careers in the hotel and tourists industry. There is a wide variety of jobs to choose from such as travel agents, tour operators and tourist’s guides to name just a few.

These kinds of jobs allow us to show all the beautiful places in Zambia such as the mighty Victoria Falls locally known as; Mosi –O –Tunya which means smoke that thunders, the game reserves and the magnificent lakes and bird life. In the hotel industry there are many careers to consider such as hotel manager, chefs, housekeepers, nutritionals’, accountancy, receptionist and many more.

The country also needs doctors, densities, nurses, teachers and social workers. These require longer studies but offer rewarding career.

Talented young can train art, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. The show business industry provides opportunities for self –employment.


A leader, role model and an optimist are a few of the qualities that describe the kind of pupil Mariame Ngandu was during her time at Horizon school. She attended her high school at Horizon school from 2011 to 2013, and whilst there, she was a cultural prefect and was later promoted to vice head girl. Apart from that, Mariame was enthusiastic about sports, basketball being her favorite. She was also quite the athlete, especially when it came to 200 metres. But I think what I remember most about her, being someone who was her classmate throughout high school, is her never say die attitude. When she wanted to do something, she would stand by it and see it through to the end.

When I heard about her graduation in China, where she had been pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing at the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, I was reminded of the qualities I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Qualities she held on to and how they carried her through high school and University as well. She was the valedictorian of the first  grade 12 graduating class at Horizon School, and now the first from that class to graduate from a University with a Bachelor’s Degree, making Horizon School history.

To us, as the Horizon School Alumni, her graduation is a huge source of inspiration and has brought much joy. She has set the bar, done us proud and lifted the Horizon School colors high.

Daniel Petimoya

Horizon School Alumni President


By Nthamizya Lubeya

We are heading  into the famous four days holiday.To most people, this holiday, also known as the Trade Fair weekend, is designed for fun-making.Most people take advantage of this weekend to go for holidays without really reflecting on its significance.
These are the days which marked the dawn of a new era in our country’s political history when a black majority government was ushered into office, very few people take notice of the heroes and unity weekend.
Government set aside the first weekend of July as the period to remember and celebrate the achievements of our heroes. Naturally, when people talk about heroes, what comes to mind are people who fought to bring independence to this country.
However, this country has produced heroes of different dimensions since Independence, who, besides freedom fighters, deserve to be recognised.Many Zambians have worked hard not only to free the people of the country from colonial bondage but raised the country’s  flag high at different platforms.
In the sports arena, the likes of Lottie Mwale, Chisanda Mutti, Samuel Matete, Kalusha Bwalya, Satwant Singh and club sides like Power Dynamos, Mufulira Wanderers, Nkana, the national soccer teams of 1974, 1984, 1994 and 2012 deserve mention.
There are also icons in trade unionism, arts, business, religion, farming, health, defence and security and several other sectors who also deserve mention. These are men and women who advanced the causes and needs of Zambians by fulfilling their missions.
All these deserve recognition and are worthy to be considered heroes and have a place in Zambia’s history. Therefore, Heroes Day is an occasion for honouring people who have served the country in various capacities. Zambians ought to reflect Heroes Day with solemn pride in the heroism of those who served the country dilligently.
In Zambia, Heroes Day is supposed to be observed with appropriate ceremonies but has been overshadowed by the Zambia International Trade Fair.
That is why it is only befitting that we, who are here today, honour our fallen heroes by not only remaining steadfast in safeguarding the hard-earned independence, but by ensuring that the names of those great nationalists are rightly embedded in history books,
we also need to be  reminded not to forget to pay tribute to countries and individuals of goodwill who stood with that country in its valiant struggle for independence. similarly, unity day, which falls on Tuesday next week, is an opportunity for Zambians to continue fostering the unity and togetherness which the country has enjoyed for over 55 years.

From my perspective as a learner I need to also pay tribute to the many teachers that have made strived to inculcate some knowledge in me. Incidentally, zambias first republican president was a teacher by profession
Zambia’s unity is rallied around the motto ‘’One Zambia, one nation ‘’which has held the country’s  over 73 tribes, diverse religions, political affiliations, creed and colour. The days remind us to continue living as one big, united family, being a brother’s keeper and tolerant of divergent views

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