Noisy bars a big nuisance

Written by on July 1, 2019

THE closure of 40 bars in the capital city, Lusaka, by the Lusaka City Council for causing noise pollution deserves commendation.

A combined squad of council and State police swung into action last weekend and shut the erring bars for defying numerous notices to manage the audio output of their music systems.

This nuisance has become so common in Lusaka that more drastic action is needed.

As Lusaka City Council public relations officer Lisa Ng’oma has said second offenders should be hauled before the fast-rack court so that they learn to respect the law.

The nuisance is rife in the townships and unplanned settlements where residents are bombarded with full-blast music day and night.

Those who want to operate bars and night clubs must adhere to the laws and by-laws that regulate their line of business.

Music should be managed so that it does not disturb the occupants of surrounding homes.

It is frustrating for someone who has had a hectic day at work and wants to catch some sleep to allow the body and mental faculties to rejuvenate to be subjected to loud music.

Some homes are nursing patients who need as much peace as possible to allow for normal recuperation.

But with loud music assailing their ears throughout the night their condition may even get worse.

In many cases ill-manners bar men and their employers believe that they will woo more patrons by playing loud music, which is a mere fallacy.

The fact that it is a night club or bar is publicity enough for revellers to know what goods and services are on sale there.

Why fill the air with loud music, most of which is out of taste?

We encourage Lusaka City Council and indeed other local authorities elsewhere to step up the clampdown on the erring liquor business operators polluting the air with noisy music.

During operations all bar men and music crews at the erring night clubs and bars must be locked up in cells and only released on either police bond or bail.

This will help them to behave more responsibly.

Communities that are being subjected to noise pollution by drinking places should not be afraid of complaining to the councils.

All they need is to garner 10 or more signatures and submit a petition to the mayor against an identified bar or night club that is engaged in noise pollution.

The council will issue a warning to the erring operator to stop the noise pollution.

If the nuisance continues, a notice will follow.

Again, if there is no improvement and the residents alert the council, it will pounce and shut the place.

In some cases the closure may be followed by prosecution in court.

It is unfortunate that at a time communities are suffering from constant noise pollution from live music by mainly Pentecostal churches littered in residential areas the bars are making their lives even more miserable.

The so called overnight prayers, most of which are nothing but breeding grounds for all kinds of immorality, are already a big nuisance as they are now being conducted in working days.

Residents are hardly sleeping where these churches are operating.

One would have an impression that God only hears prayers at night, which is not true.

The Creator hears prayers whispered to him in secrecy, as the Bible can prove.

Let the councils do more to protect residents from noise pollution at the hand as of bars and ill-informed churches.

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