Miriam loses against Miriam

Written by on June 28, 2019


THE Chilenje Local Court has dismissed a case of defamation between a caterer and a bar attendant because of lack of evidence lack of evidence.

Miriam Tembo, 28, of new Chilenje a caterer was sued by Miriam Mulenga, 32, also of the same area for allegedly calling her a prostitute.

Mulenga said Tembo called her a prostitute and accused her of having an affair with her husband.

“She found my number in her husband’s phone and called me. I went to her place and we talked. I explained to her that her husband is my childhood friend,

“I told her that I wasn’t having a relationship with her husband. We resolved that matter. I was surprised a few weeks later when she in a company of friends went to my house while I was at work and told my mother I was having an affair with her husband,” she said

Mulenga told senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with senior local court magistrate Harriet Mbewe and presiding local magistrate Patrick Nyirenda that Tembo told her mother (Mulenga’s) that she was “hule” (prostitute).

“Thereafter she started threatening my life. She tells me that she will kill me. She has been sending me messages (you bitch, where ever I find you. I will beat you to death),” Mulenga said.

She said that she decided to sue her so that Tembo could shoe her evidence that she was having an affair with her husband as that was not the first time she was being accusing of the same.

“I want her to pay me for defaming my name because she is going round telling people that I am a prostitute,” she said.

In her defence, Tembo insisted that Mulenga was having an affair with her husband.

“I don’t deny saying that Mulenga is having an affair with my husband because I know it is true,

“I noticed that her number was frequently appearing on my husband’s phone. I copied it and called her.  We sat down the two of us and she denied having an affair with my husband,” she said.

Tembo said however Mulenga continued calling her husband using another number and that was when she decided to go to her house to confront her.

“I did not find her but I told her mother to talk to her and ask her to stay away from my husband,

“I was very upset that day but I didn’t insult anyone. Her mother responded by saying her daughter will sue me for making such accusations,” she said.

The court dismissed the claim on the grounds that Tembo did not directly call Mulenga a prostitute but only heard from her mother.

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