‘Baby maker’ divorced, fined K5, 000

Written by on June 28, 2019

Mutinta Mulaye writes


A WOMAN who has divorced her husband in the Boma Local Court, alleging that his main preoccupation is making women pregnant, has walked away happily with K5, 000 in her purse.

Tasila Phiri, 26, told Senior Local Court Magistrate Contilda Kamono that Joseph Banda, 43, of Kafue married her in 2016 and he already had four children from another woman.

“He works at a clinic but doesn’t bring any money home. He goes out every night and says he has gone to help a friend. Recently he just came and gave me a K300 and told me to leave home and threw all my things out,

“My husband also has a tendency of impregnating women. This man doesn’t listen. His job is just damaging women anyhow. He has a lot of children and he is ever in courts paying child maintenance for his many children,” she said

 Phiri further told the court, one of the women he impregnated was now at UTH about to deliver.

“You’ll be shocked to learn how many women he has married and left,” she said.

In defence Banda denied the allegations and told the court that he did not know all the women his wife was talking about and that the only other woman was his first wife with whom he had four children.

“My wife’s only problem is that she insults me too much. She insults me over everything even things she is not sure about. She has no respect and talks to her brother the same way she talks to me, with insults,

“She has never even caught me red handed with the women she is claiming I have made pregnant and she attacks me even with metal rods and accuses me of being a womanizer,” Banda said.

He told the court that there were many problems in their marriage, adding that Phiri violent and hit him with object near her.

The court found that there was too much violence, no tolerance and no proper communication between the couple.

Divorce was granted and Banda was ordered to compensate Phiri with K5, 000.

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