“Thou shall not commit adultery”

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A 30-YEAR-old man of Lusaka’s Chelstone Township Lusaka has been fined K10, 000 for committing adultery with a 32-year-old housewife of the same area.

This was heard in a case in which Brian Malama,38, a businessman of Chelstone successfully sued Chipambala Kabindaba,30, of the same area for committing adultery with his wife.

Malama told Chelstone local court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala sitting with presiding magistrate Kennedy Mwansa Mutale that he caught his wife with love text messages talking about how they enjoyed sex on several occasions together.

He told court that his wife confessed to him that she had been sleeping with Chipambala since 2017.

“When my wife confessed to me, I went straight to my neighbour’s house and he admitted the allegation. We agreed that we were going to sit down as a family and sort the whole issue but since then he never showed up. Hence my coming to court,”  he said.

In defence, Chipambala narrated that he met Malama’s wife within Chelstone, at a bar in 2017 and since then they became friends.

“We met at a bar, she was with a friend whom I knew that’s how we started chatting and ended up exchanging numbers  and thereafter we became good friends,” he said.

“In December, 2018 her husband called me to say he has caught his wife with some love messages and a recording from the wife’s phone. Since then he started threatening me that I will die a mysterious death or I will go mad if I will not abide with him,” he said.

Chipambala said he apologized for texting his wife.

And key witness, Malama’s wife said the reasons which led her to have an affair outside marriage was because her husband denied her conjugal rights from 2014 to 2018.

“I started dating my now ex-boyfriend in 2017, and what led me go out was that my husband denied me sex for four years. I tried to ask him but couldn’t give proper reasons,

“He would just accuse me of having a boyfriend, saying the pastor is the one who told him that I have a boyfriend of which I never had apart from him,” she said.

She further told the court that her husband even moved from their matrimonial bedroom to the sitting room.

“That’s how I fell into temptations and found comfort in another man’s company,” she said.

The court observed that all parties were doing wrong things and. in delivering Judgment, Magistrate Namangala fined Chipambala K10,000 as compensation to be paid on July 19,with the first installment of K2,000 and K500 each month  thereafter.

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