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In this week’s Councilor of the week, we feature Patriotic Front (PF) John Howard ward three councilor Kafula Mutale.

Briefly tell us about yourself?

My names are Kafula Mutale. I hail from Mpika in Chief Chikwanda’s Chiefdom. I did my primary school at Mpika and Chibansa Primary Schools, and later went to Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School in Chinsali for my secondary education.

I am a computer specialist and plied my trade mostly in the financial services sector until 2016 when I opted to stand as a councillor in John Howard ward 3.

I am currently studying Public Administration with University of Africa. I am married to Patience Zelipa Mtumbi-Mutale, and the almighty God has blessed us with 2 sons and 2 daughters.

When were you voted into office?

I was voted into office in 2016 during the Presidential, Parliamentary and General Elections.

What motivated you to join politics?

The motivation was more biased towards philanthropy. After staying in John Howard since 2000, I just felt I needed to do something that people can remember me for, just to make a difference in the community I lived in. I wanted to offer a selfless service to people of John Howard ward 3.

From the time you got into office what are some of the achievements that you have scored in your ward?

Notable milestones that I have scored during my tenure are facilitation of upgrading of some roads to bitumen standard, construction of spoon drains within our community, construction of the main drainage system along Chifundo Road, rehabilitation of the Public ablution block at Lumumba Market, which is commonly known as John Howard Market.

I also formulated the Ward Strategic Plan with the involvement of all stakeholders in the community, which included the church, security wings, opposition party members, community influencers, community members without discrimination, trend setters and opinion setters alike.

Street lights have been constructed to curb crime in my ward. Speed humps have been built to deter speeding motorists from causing road traffic accidents on our new tarred roads.

What are some of the challenges you face or you have faced as a Civic leader?

Challenges are so many in my ward. The overriding challenge is the non-completion of the John Howard Market. It has taken a very long time to complete.

Construction started in 2013. I have had to terminate the agreement of the contractor who had abandoned site for a long time, coupled with his shoddy works.

The council is about to sign new contractor to finish the job

I want to take this opportunity to graciously thank the people of John Howard for the patience, understanding and resilience that they have exhibited during this period of constructing the market.

I want to take this opportunity to assure the residents and traders in John Howard that, things being equal, the construction of the market will finish before the end of my term.

Other challenges in my ward are drug abuse, underage drinking, illegal operating hours of bars, subscribing for Solid Waste Management by residents.

To intervene in these challenges, we have started engaging and sensitizing the respective target groups on what must be done and what is expected.

For example, on drug abuse by our youths, we are working closely with Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and other interest groups to offer counselling services to the erring youths.

On issues of garbage collection, we are explaining to our residents the benefits of paying for Solid Waste, and informing them that there is value in waste, trash to treasure.

We are encouraging our youths and women to be making something of value from the waste that is generated by our community members.

On noise pollution from bars, I have called for a meeting with bar owners on Thursday, 27 June 2019, to engage with them so that together we can find an amicable way of doing business in John Howard without injuring other parties. We will also look at issues of sanitation to prevent communicable diseases in our community.

The motivation was more biased towards philanthropy. After staying in John Howard since 2000, I just felt I needed to do something that people can remember me for, just to make a difference in the community I lived in. I wanted to offer a selfless service to people of John Howard ward 3.

I always tell my community members that we only have one John Howard, therefore, we should guard it jealously against any vices that can cause environmental degradation and bring about diseases.

We need a clean environment, hence the Presidential pronouncement and directive of ‘Keeping Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy’.

On the issue of underage drinking, I am appealing to bar owners to put life first before profits. Alcoholic beverages must not be sold to underage children.

Parents, the clergy, adult community members and teachers also need to play a role in ensuring that children are not indulging thmselves in underage drinking.

We need a multifaceted approach to addressing this issue.

The other challenge, Noel, is that of funerals in our community.

We are trying to come up with mitigating interventions on how we can be assisting bereaved families that have no means of giving a befitting sendoff of their loved ones.

What are some of future plans you have for the ward before you exit office?

Some of my future plans before the end of my term are to see to it that John Howard Market is completed, a mother’s shelter is constructed at Bomora Health Post and water reaches places where it is scarce.

I will also endeavour to ensure that the roads that are not yet done are either paved, graded and gravel applied or upgraded to bitumen standard.

What are your future political aspirations?

This is an interesting question, Noel. I believe in taking one day at a time, and not counting chicks before the eggs hatch. An appropriate answer will be given to you at an appropriate time.

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