‘Savage’ hubby sued for divorce

Written by on June 22, 2019


A MAID of Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Township who sued her husband for divorce because he  threatened to kill  her lost her bid in a local court because dowry was not paid and the marriage cannot be legally recognized.

Jane Shawa, 43 told Chelstone Local Court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala that her husband Nasser Mwandila, 55, of 28 years, always threatened to kill her with a knife and a hammer every time they had a misunderstanding.

Shawa told court that they got married in 1991, and have seven children but dowry was not paid.

“Just the other day my husband wanted to stab me with a knife. I am tired of this marriage because my husband beats me and threatens to kill me each time we quarrel. Once he hit me with a hammer on my shoulder which I quickly took to police Victim Support Unit.

“My husband is also a womanizer and he started this habit in 2015, he threatens me with knives so that I leave the house with my children,” she said.

She further said that Mwandila one time bought doom which he wanted to put in water so that she together with the children could be poisoned to death.

In defence Mwandila said his wife did not respect him as a husband and she always shouted at him.

“Ever since I stopped work my wife shouts at me saying she’s tired of feeding me, and sometimes she doesn’t give me food, when she cooks meat she only serves vegetables and eat meat with the children. I got furious about this and I stopped talking to her for almost a year,” he said.

In submission, Shawa insisted that all she wanted was divorce because she might die and leave the children suffering.

The court ruled that since dowry was not paid the divorce application could not stand  and proceeded to dismiss it.

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