Accidents worry Kabangwe residents

Written by on June 21, 2019



SOME residents of Kabangwe area on the Lusaka-Kabwe Road are concerned about the increase in traffic accidents after the road was upgraded.

One of the residents of Six Miles, George Soko, told the Sun that living near the road he had been witnessing accidents almost every week.

Mr Soko suggested that the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) should mount more speed cameras and speed limit signs from Kabangwe all the way to 10 Miles.

He wondered why the speed camera that had been mounted at Kabangwe had been removed.

The camera had been helping to reduce road traffic accidents as motorists used to reduce speed on their own when approaching Kabangwe.

Mr Soko said Kabangwe had heavy pedestrian traffic.

“Before the camera was mounted, a lot of people used to be hit at Kabangwe because vehicles did not reduce speed and this is a point where people cross from. But after the camera was mounted vehicles coming from the north heading to the south would reduce speed.

“Unfortunately, the camera has been removed. So we expect vehicles to be over-speeding again,” he said.

Another resident, Martin Phiri, said RTSA should also consider putting speed humps on the filter lane on the same road.

Mr Phiri said the agency should mount road signs to prevent motorists from over-speeding.

He said the filter lane passed close to people’s houses, but that motorist over-speed.

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