‘Careless’ Kanyama residents irk MP

Written by on June 18, 2019


KANYAMA Member of Parliament Elizabeth Phiri has warned residents who are dumping garbage anyhow especially in drainage systems that they face stern punitive action.

Ms Phiri said the law would not be soft on any person found dumping garbage in the drainages regardless of their status in society.

She said in an interview with the Sun that such habits should be avoided because they were posing a danger to health especially to children who innocently play around with anything that they come across.

Ms Phiri said such irresponsible behaviour had the potential to cause cholera and other water-borne diseases in the constituency.

“We all know that cholera starts from our constituency and many cases are recorded here because of the way we keep our environment. Let us avoid involving ourselves in such activities and protect our environments and health,” she said.

Ms Phiri expressed sadness that people were complaining that relevant authorities were not collecting garbage when they were the ones dumping it anyhow in areas that were not designated as solid waste sites.

She said the act was degrading the beauty of the town and urged the residents to change their mindsets.

“People were crying for drainages and we gave them, but what we see now are garbage sites. What is it that these people really want? It is saddening and heart-baking to see how drainages are being blocked especially in the rainy season because of this trend,” Ms Phiri said.

Some residents talked to denied that that they were the ones dumping garbage in the drainages.

They said the people dumping the garbage were from the neighbouring residential areas and not from Kanyama.

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