Woman divorces immoral hubby, walks away with K15, 000

Written by on June 17, 2019


A LUSAKA woman has successfully divorced her husband at the Boma Local Court after he brought his girlfriend to live with them and has been awarded K15,000.

This was in a matter in which Debora Musawa sued her husband Allan Mbewe for divorces over his unbecoming behaviour and taking to the bottle.

Musawa told Senior Local Court Magistrate Juliet Mwila that the two got married in 2011 and major problems in their marriage started in 2016 when her husband became a drunkard.

“Many times he would come home drunk and would chase and tell me that there are many girls in Lusaka for him.

“He always insisted I leave and said if I didn’t, we would kill each other. He would tell me his spirit refuses him to be with me,” Musawa said.

She moved out of the house and when she returned she found another woman had moved into their home.

“He explained to me that she was his niece and we even started staying with her. I later came to learn that it was his girlfriend. He again started telling me that his spirit wanted me to leave him,” Ms Musawa said.

She said her husband decided they go on separation for a month to give him time to think about whether they should get back or not.

“We stayed apart for one year and he wouldn’t even call to ask how his son was doing. He differed with that girlfriend and brought another woman in the house who he has a 4 months old baby with now.

“We’ve been on separation for 3 years now. I just want a divorce so that we can both be free and can go our separate ways,” Musawa said.

In defence Mbewe told the court that problems started even before they got married because she was supposed to marry another man.

“When I get drunk she takes advantage of that and goes to see other men. One of the men she dates even confiscated the blackberry phone I bought her,” he said.

The court found that there was a lot of unfaithfulness and drunkenness by Mbewe, no love between the two and long period of separation.

Divorce was granted and Mbewe was ordered to compensate Musawa with K15, 000.

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