Woman arrested for killing and setting body of new-born ablaze

Written by on June 14, 2019

A 26-year-old woman has been arrested by police over claims she killed and tried to dispose the body of her new-born baby by setting it ablaze.

According to Times Live, a resident of KwaNobuhle in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, became suspicious after she heard her neighbour’s baby screaming.

Her fears grew when she reportedly spotted the woman that same day making fire at her backyard.

She summoned other residents days later who called the police.

Upon inspection, police disclosed that, “partially burnt remains of the new-born baby boy” were found inside a rubbish bin.

In a chilling twist, had the police delayed, the body would have been disposed of as the bin was lined up on the street for collection later that day by the municipality.

“On arrival at the scene, as it was a municipal refuse collection day, several rubbish bins were lined up on the street for collection. Inside one of the bins, police recovered partially burnt remains of a new-born baby boy,” the police were quoted saying.

She is set to appear at KwaNobuhle Magistrate’s Court on Monday, June 10 to answer to murder charges.

SOURCE: sde.co.ke                                     

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