Man who reveals sex positions with his wife divorced

Written by on June 13, 2019


A LUSAKA man who was fond of reporting his marital problems to his mother and telling his friend sex positions he enjoys with his wife has been divorced in the Kanyama Local Court.

Mathew Nkhuwa, 32, a carpenter was sued by his wife Esther Shawa, 31, a bar lady of 3 years of the same locality for reporting to his mother every time the couple had a fight and for being childish.

The two have been married since 2017 and have 2 children together.

Shawa told local court magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala that her husband reported to his mother every time they had a fight and always sided with her son.

“He is very childish, this man is fond of telling his friends how we have sex and whatever positions we use in bed, and every time we fight he tells his mother no matter how small the fight may be,” Shawa said.

She complained how sometimes her husband had affairs with other women in attempts to make her leave him. 

In his defence, Nkhuwa denied ever cheating or reporting his wife to his mother every time they had an argument.

“The problem is that ever since my wife stared working I have not seen peace in our marriage. She comes late, sometimes drunk and this is a woman with a 3-month old baby,” Nkhuwa said.

Magistrate Matakala ruled that the marriage should end after hearing from both parents of the couple who testified that indeed the couple had serious problems and if they continued staying married they may kill each other.

“There is no way a mother with a three month old baby can be drinking at awkward hours and if she is a danger to her children why haven’t you the husband reported this to your relatives and other relevant authorities,” Magistrate Matakala asked

The court also ordered Nkhuwa to compensate his now ex-wife with K3, 000 to be paid in installment of K500 at the end of every month.

Whatever property they bought together should be shared equally.

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