Woman divorces unfaithful hubby

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A LUSAKA man has been divorced in the Chilenje Local Court for engaging in endless love affairs outside marriage.

Tokozile Mwale, 29, a secretary of Mtendere Township, threw in the towel and asked the court to dissolve the marriage with Sole Mukabe, 33, call teller of Kaunda Square.

Mwale said she got married to Mukabe in 2012 and they did not have any child.

She said they lived in harmony for a year but disputes started between 2014 and 2015 when her husband had a relationship with another woman.

“My husband had a girlfriend because he wanted a child. I overlooked his characterless behaviour hoping he would change,” she said.

“The situation was too much for me that I became depressed and decided to spend two days at my mother’s house just to cool off. I never informed my husband about my whereabouts,” Mwale said.

“When I returned home after two days.  My husband said it was unacceptable that I slept at my mother’s house. The following day, he picked me from work and sent me back to my parents’ house,” she said.

“I lived there for seven months. We reconciled and I went back home, but things got worse,” she said.

Mwale said while browsing through Mukabe’s phone she found out that he had impregnated another woman. A message came to his phone from another woman saying she was pregnant,” she said.

“That message disturbed me. When I asked my husband he became upset and we fought. He threatened to harm me saying that he wasn’t scared of being arrested,” she said.

Mwale said she had suggested to Mukabe to adopt some orphans and raise them as our own children, but he had refused.

“I also suggested for us to seek medical attention, which he also refused,” she said.

“We sat down several times from both families but nothing has changed. I left the house because I was emotionally tortured. We have been on separation for two years now,” Mwale said.

“The biggest thing he wanted was child. He doesn’t love me enough to make a family,” she said

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri.

In his defence, Mukabe said his wife loved her sister and brother more than him.

Mukabe said she always took her siblings’ problems first and neglected him in the process.

“She never gave me the attention. I wanted attention from her, which I never received. I became frustrated and started going out to drink to forget those frustrations,” he said.

“We have not had sex for the past two years we have been on separation,” he said.

“She accused me of having a girlfriend and impregnating another woman. I never did such a thing,” Mukabe said.

The court granted the couple divorce without compensation because both had contributed to the failure of their marriage.

Magistrate Phiri ordered them to share household goods equally.

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