Couple advised against rushing for divorce

Written by on June 11, 2019


THE Boma Local Court has given a couple up to  September 2 to reconcile and work on their weaknesses.

This was a case in which Monica Kabwe, 29, of Libala sued Litiya Mulala, 32, of the same area for divorce.

Ms Kabwe told Senior Local Court Magistrate Gastone Kalala that she and her husband had been to court for divorce, 8 months ago where they were reconciled.

“He hasn’t changed and has become worse. The first 2 years after we got married we stayed well. Immediately I bore him a child, he changed. He doesn’t buy anything in the house and since our second child was born, he’s never bought anything for her,” Ms Kabwe said.

She said her husband was a bitter man who did not even greet her relatives when they visited them.

She told the court that because of the situation, she was always on the move for looking for small businesses to fend for their children.

Ms Kabwe told the court that her older sister who was looking after her children when she was away fell sick and died.

“She’s the one who used to do all the chores when I was away. She left and my husband never visited her the whole time until she died. He never even went to the funeral house,

“I have no freedom in the house and he keeps me like a slave. He shouts at me in public and in front of our maid. We involved elderly people who counseled me because he said I was dirty but I do try to keep the house clean according to his expectations,” Ms Kabwe said.

In defence Mulala denied the allegations of failing to provide for his family and told the court that he could not fail to give his wife money if she made a budget.

“I do not live well. I remain with the children while she is away and sometimes I even report for work late because I have to attend to the children first,” he said.

He told the court that his wife would leave home without washing his clothes and often failed to keep the house clean.

“I do everything but she always complains about money. Every time I give her money, it’s never enough. She only knows how to talk about money and there is no other topic to talk about or laugh about, just money,” Mr Mulala said.

Magistrate Kalala did not grant the couple divorce and instead advised to go and work on their weaknesses.

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