Junkies stab man of Makeni Villa

Written by on June 9, 2019


A man of Lusaka’s Makeni Villa has been stabbed by criminals popularly known as junkies for helping a bus conductor who refused to give them money for operating in the area.

John Nchito told the Sun that it was shameful to see young people being lazy and waiting for free hand outs when they could find something better to do.

Mr Nchito said when he saw a conductor being harassed by the junkies he decided to get out of the bus and help him face criminals who numbered about 15.

“When I saw the conductor being beaten because he refused to give them money, I decided to join the fight and help him otherwise they would have killed him, during the fight I felt something cold stuck on my back and when I checked it was a screwdriver ,” Mr Nchito said

Mr Nchito said that nowadays communities were no longer safe as police were not so helpful.

He appealed to people in communities to start working together to protect themselves from those young criminals whose parents have failed to discipline them.

Me. Nchito said he did not go to the police because no arrests would be made even if he did so, adding that however that he was   thankful to the Makeni Ecumenical Clinic for attending to him on time.

Meanwhile Sam Danga the conductor who was rescued after sustaining some minor injuries thanked Mr Nchito for coming to his aid. “Bakamba nibolimba aba otherwise sembe nafa lelo , aya ma junky yafunika kuyamba kuya shoka che manje,” Mr Danga said.

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