Esther Phiri feels for the youths

Written by on June 9, 2019


ZAMBIA’S boxing female sensation Esther Phiri yesterday staged a boxing tournament in Mtendere to give back to the community, by empowering youths through her sports academy.

Phiri said she had embarked on an initiative of empowering youths in her community so as to become independent like she had become.

She formed a sports academy that would not only deal in boxing promotion but other sporting activities such as netball, pool and soccer.

The objective was to tap talent and reduce crime rate in the neighborhood that had recently been experienced.

 “The objective of this academy is to tap  talent by brining youths together and making them busy such as having tournaments which in turn make them stay away from drug abuse and other vices,’’ she said.

“We have football, netball, boxing and pool, so right now we are preparing for a boxing tournament today which will involve over 15 different teams,” said Phiri

Phiri said that she would use sport to inculcate some discipline in young people in her community.

“I need just to tell the youths that they must always come through and join us because boxing is not a sport for savages but for smart people,

“We mentor them that boxing is for smart people because you need to jump in the ring and think, you need to use your brain because the training is so tough but in the end of the day it can change your life.

“Look at me I’m now independent and have my own life, so I’m trying to tell my community by spreading the word to young people that they too can be independent if they are disciplined by being focused and listening to coaches, one day they can be like me.’’

The former World Bantam Boxing champion has been running her sports academy since April this year and said that she intended to be organizing sports tournaments every six months in her community.

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