Wife rejects polygamy, sues hubby

Written by on June 7, 2019


A WIFE of Lusaka has sued her husband for divorce for his insistence that he wants to marry another woman.

The business woman cannot stomach sharing her a husband with another woman and has asked the court to end the marriage so that he can enjoy life with his new catch.

The case is before the Matero Local Court

Logesi Soko, 49, of Mandevu, has sued Leonard Soko, 52, of Chazanga for divorce.

Logesi and Leonard were appearing before magistrate Pauline Newa.

They have been married since 2015 and have no children together.

Logesi told the court that her child had been in hospital for three months.

While she was looking after the child in hospital she heard that Soko had married another woman.

“We were staying well until my child got sick and was hospitalised for three months. During that period he married someone else and took her home. I went to my place, but Soko would come and visit me,” Logesi said.

She said Soko was always upset and always talked about her children.

He told her that she had made her late husband commit suicide and that he did not want to kill himself over her. 

Logesi said Soko had never given her money for food or toiletries but would go and have sex with her.

“We are just living like lovers,” she said.

Soko told the court that Logesi would always chase herself and bring herself home.

“We used to live well, but the major problem was that she chases herself and it’s been over eight times. The ninth time I told her to go back. She never listens to me when I give her advice. She always says she knows,” he testified.

Soko said he had lived for two years alone but would visit her once in a while.

During the visit Logesi would tell him to marry another woman who would help her out.

She would tell him that she had grown and needed a house help.

“They even sat down with the said lady and agreed that I can be visiting her. They started arguing and that is how the other woman left. I am now alone,” Soko said.

The court adjourned the hearing to Friday and asked Soko and Logesi to see how they could live together during the interval.


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