Why punish pupils for late-coming?

Written by on June 1, 2019

Muuka Muzyamba writes

(12B) @horizonzambia

Late coming is the act of not keeping time and therefore arriving at a particular destination other than the expected time. This is a problem nationwide and it is not good especially if we want to boost our economy.

If you are going to be late, it should be for a good reason meaning excusable, otherwise it is a misconduct hence the need for punishment is guaranteed. The punishment is not meant to really punish the pupils but to teach them how to be punctual and to prepare them as  future leaders. If you look at our present situation, the “Zambian time”, we don’t keep   time for instance, at an event that has been scheduled for 14:00, people due to unknown reasons start showing up at 16:00. Why? They were not trained to be punctual and this has become a tradition of modern society.

That is why training has to begin from the primary level, it will be more effective and it will produce good results in character at the end of the day. Pupils will know how to plan and work with time.  As it is said time is not money but timing is money.

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