Stingy hubby dragged to court

Written by on June 1, 2019


A STINGY husband has been sued for divorce in the Matero Local Court.

Catherine Mulenga, 36of Lilanda sued her husband Justin Mulenga,52, for divorce after been on separation for two months.

The two who were appearing before magistrate Miyanda Banda, got married in 2007 and have one child together.

Catherine told the court that although they were on separation they were living in the same house.

“In 2018 I brought him to court for reconciliation but when we went back home I never lived well. When he buys food its for him alone and I am the one that buys food for the children to eat,

“If I don’t have money they sleep hungry, he bought his own braiser and cooks for himself. He found me with a child from my previous marriage.

Catherine explained that one day he came at 23.oo hours and started chasing the children and that was the day he chased her from the bedroom.

 “He buys pork and eats it alone while we eat vegetables and we have not had sex in months but  I still love him,”  said Catherine “

In defence Justin told the court that he loved his wife and still wanted her.

“Trouble is that Catherine is never at home and I do not know where she goes. She often gives a little girl that we are looking after to cook for me that’s why I decided to cook for myself,” said Justin “.

The court adjourned the matter to June 12 and advised the couple to sit down talk and see if there could be any change.

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