Importance of reading books

Written by on June 1, 2019

Adolya Khamraeva writes


Books are very important in our life. There are many reasons why people must read books. Of course the more you will read the more you will understand life.

From books you can get an answer to your question. People read books for a lot of reasons. Some read educational books like the books that pupils read at school. Others read books for entertainment.

Books/novels that are for entertainment are very interesting. I read my first novel when I was 10 and when I started reading I couldn’t put it down.

A book will help your mind to travel while you still remain in the one place. You will look at the world differently after you  read a good book. Books change you. If you are not interested in reading then you didn’t find the right book to read. I believe that in books there is magic.

It might sound funny. U may ask “What kind of magic can be in a piece of paper? “. You will understand what I mean by magic when you buy or download the right book. Once you start reading it the whole world around you disappears. You will go inside that book. You will leave a life the characters in the book are living. Through it you will get the answer on the questions you didn’t know you were asking.

Books also help you during hard times. I am sure everybody knows that feeling when you think that you are the only one that goes facing problems and going through hard times. It will make you feel lonely. You may not want to share your problems with anyone. That’s when books can help you. Books will make you understand that you are not the only one who is facing failure. People also have similar problems like you. You will find help in these books.

I love books a lot. They helped me in different ways. I hope you will find the right books that will help you just like they helped me.

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